What is bead fabric?

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What is bead fabric? Today I share with you is bead fabric, you may rarely hear of bead, but you should have heard of PK cloth or pineapple cloth, in fact, they are bead cloth. Now let me take you to see what the bead is made of.

Jacquard weave

Bead cloth is a kind of knitted fabric organization, ingredients can be cotton, blended cotton, can also be chemical fiber, so in Hong Kong, Taiwan, some areas also known as PK cloth. PK cloth, also known as bead cotton, is a category of great round machine weft knitted fabrics. The surface of the cloth is porous and honeycomb shaped. Compared with ordinary knitted fabrics, PK cloth is more breathable, dry and washable. It is because of its grain has such a major feature, so it is also a relatively easy to recognize the fabric, so some people also like to call it pineapple cloth.

Jacquard weave

The advantages of bead fabric:

1、Breathable and washable: Because of the manufacturing process, the surface of the bead cotton fabric is porous and honeycomb, which is more breathable, dry and washable than ordinary knitted fabric.

2、Sweat absorption, high color fastness: Different fabrics, bead cloth can absorb sweat, and again after sweat absorption is not easy to deformation, color fastness is good, washing is not easy to fade. Generally used to make T-shirts, sports clothes and so on.

3、Crisp: Bead cotton crisp performance is better, a lot of big brand POLO shirts are made of bead cloth neckline.

4、Air permeability and moisture permeability: bead cotton adopts bead structure, has very good air permeability and moisture permeability, feel relatively soft, even in the hot summer, it can give us gentle touch, comfortable enjoyment. Soft and casual appearance, no deformation after washing.

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