What are the advantages and disadvantages of Waffl

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                                            What are the advantages and disadvantages of Waffle cloth?

Advantages of Waffle:

1)Easy to take care of: washing, machine washing can be, not easy to pilling, not easy to lose hair, excellent material shrinkage rate is small, cleaning is not easy to deformation and color, no ironing, fabric moisture absorption, both sides of Waffle fabric can be used, easier to take care of than general velvet, wrinkle and wear-resistant.

Waffle cloth

2)Good air permeability: Waffle fabric has good air permeability, and its moisture absorption function is much higher than that of ordinary cotton fabric, so it is very fresh and does not have the feeling of burning. In the hot summer, it is very comfortable and skin-friendly whether it is worn alone or worn inside.

3)Wear resistance and dirt resistance: compared with ordinary cotton fabrics, Waffle fabric has stronger wear resistance, and is not easy to be contaminated with dust, daily cleaning only needs to be simply scrubbed with a rag, and will not be as easy as cotton deformation.

4)Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: Waffle fabric has strong resistance to various acid and alkali substances, can withstand soaking and scouring of various acid and alkali solutions, and has good anti-ultraviolet function, long-term exposure to the sun is difficult to appear fading.

Waffle cloth

5)Anti-static, no ball: Because Waffle fabric chooses anti-static, anti-pilling process, so it is not only very comfortable to wear, but also has excellent anti-static function, will not make people agitated feeling, even in the cold winter do not have to worry about the problem of static electricity.

6)Disadvantages: low cotton content; Although not easy to deformation, but also to reduce the stretch, dirty to wash, it is best to recommend hand washing, rather than machine washing or dry cleaning, dry cleaning will harm the quality of fabric.

Waffle cloth, also known as honeycomb cloth, is a kind of fabric made of wood pulp fiber, the appearance has small concave and convex, honeycomb like mesh structure, so calledwaffle".

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